Proud user of a paper log! :)
Important: QSL cards - I am not in the QSL Bureau yet. Please be patient... :-)
LoTW: since IX 2019 I have and I am using it! :) also using eQSL, HRDlog and ClubLog.
But because I am using a paper logbook for evertything so... Please be patient :)
Last update: 23 Jan 2020

Operating conditions...

Equipment: • Yaesu FT-897D
• LDG YT-100 automatic tuner
• VK5JST antenna analyser + MFJ-864 SWR/Wattmeter
• QRM X-Phase Eliminator, made by Janusz SP8RSM (it works!)
• Eight-position Antenna Remote Switcher made by Slawomir SP6CYN, with manual remote controller made by myself
• Four-position Antenna Switch with Remote Control made by Kuba SQ7OVV
• Some tools, soldering iron, wires, fiberglass fishing poles, coaxes, connectors, ladder, garden cord, sometimes some luck, two dogs, no cats...

My current station:

My current antennas:

GP 1/4 for 40m band, from fishing rod

~10.5 meters of vertical part. 4 radials (~10.5 m each) on the ground. No any baluns here. Little noisy (S5-S7) but very good to TX. No need of antenna tunner.

Homemade vertical dipole for 20m (v. 1.1.) from fishing rod

2.5 m on the ground. 2x 5.1 m of dipole arms. Feeded in center. No any baluns here. No tuner needed. SWR 1.2 - 1.5 on whole SSB band. Great for any DX contacts. Little noisy (S5-S6 on most part of a day), but after 10 PM there is no noise at all (mostly S0).

Homemade vertical 1/4 wavelength for 20m (v. 2.0.) with 4 elevated radials

3.5 m on the ground. Elevated radials (4x ~5.2 m, 2m above the ground, 5.25 m of vertical part). No any baluns here. No tuner needed. SWR 1.1 - 1.5 on whole SSB band. Great for EU and also DX contacts. Not too noisy, mostly S0-S2 during whole day..

(you can see a part of delta 40m loop here too!)

Receiving example on 20m band:

(Just try to hear this no-noise level, when 9a9a calling USA states)

Inverted L vertical for 80m band, from fishing rod

~10.5 meters of vertical part, ~10m of horizontal part. 4 radials (~20.5 m each) on the ground. No any baluns here. Great to far away EU contacts (1500-2000 km and more) and USA or Canada in SSB. Little noisy (S5-S7) but also very good to TX. No need of antenna tunner.

GP 1/4 for 10-12m band

2.75m of vertical part, 4 elevated radials, 2.5m each (at ~2m above the ground). SWR 1.5 on 28.500 MHz, and SWR 1.2 on 24.935 MHz. No any baluns here. No need of antenna tunner.

Homemade loop HF antenna, 42m loop (v. 1.2.)

~42 meters of loop. Random triangle. Feed in corner. Simple 1:1 balun. SWR 1.5 - 3.0 on 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m. Antenna tunner tune also 80m and 6m band (however, not very effective). Great for EU contacts on 20m and 40m. Not too noisy.

NEW Delta: (moved to new better place! :)

In previous place:

~160m horizontal loop (v. 1.2.)

~160 meters of loop. 3x ~54 m triangle. Feed in corner. No any balun here. SWR 1.5 on 160m band. SWR 2.0 - 3.5 on 80m, 40m and 20m. Placed horizontally, 4-5 meters above the ground. Great for local and EU contacts on 160m band. Also good in ~500-1000 km radious on 80m band. Good for 40m. Excellent for receiving - S0 on 40m band, no any noise!

Too big for one photo:

Receiving example on 40m band:

Receiving example on 80m band:

Receiving example on LF band, from 150 kHz to 1000 kHz

Beside the antennas field

No more, not least but just a clear flora & fauna (also World Wide Flora Fauna - Natura 2000 region, SPFF-0084, Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Sanu [Valley of Lower San River])


My first HF antenna ever - now only historical:
Homemade Dipole HF antenna for 20 m
2x 5m, ~3.5m above the ground. Without any baluns and without automatic tuner (just antenna, coax cable and radio).

SWR ~1.01 - 1.2 on whole SSB part (14.100 - 14.350 MHz). Almost 50 DXCC and 5 continents within 40 days :) but my loop turned out to be better in tx and rx. So this antenna is dismounted. I miss a little.

Every QSO is a big pleasure for me! :)

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About me

Operator since 2018-10-15

Hello. My name is Tobiasz. I do not have much of electronic skills, but communication by radio waves and constructing antennas are one of my hobbies. Also I like to modelling antennas in MMANA-GAL.
My favourite mode is SSB.
No FT8 yet. Maybe never :-)

I realy enjoy for example from building own homemade antenna from some random wire, and making a QSO with it.
I am also very interested in portable operations from some places, like hills or nature reserves - that is my plan for 2019 year.

My hobbies are also the history (ancient), photography and riding on bike. I am an amateur programist (PHP, MySQL) and webdesigner (HTML & CSS).
I graduated an internal security studies in a master degree, but I am working as a freelancer in computer graphic and editorial publishing. I love what I am doing.

Borned 1988, I have two dogs, Sonia & Borys. There is realy a chance, that while I making a QSO with you, Sonia is sitting on my knees!

My dogs:

They love each other!

- I love pumpkin. Wanna try some too? - Sonia said.

- I am the guard of this garden. - Borys said.

- And I loving the kitchen room

- Christmas bauble are one of my favourite dainty!

- I love snow, I love my ball and I love my family. Ok to be honest... I prefer spring than winter. Hau hau!

- Do not even try to awake me... gryze... grizzly... biting!

- Can we play? Give me a toy. I love games and fun! Or just hug me...

- I realy working hard for dinner guarding my home!

- I... chrrr... (snoring)

- Do you really brought a bone to me?! Hau!

- My sheep is a my friend.

Borys with his friends from neighborhood...

And Great Ben (2004-2013)